Popular Films for Language Use 2 is suitable for classes of Secondary School learners and adults from Elementary to Advanced level.

The book contains 12 units of classroom materials for exploiting short extracts from the following popular films:

101 Dalmatians

Pretty Woman

Mr Holland’s Opus

Green Card

Forrest Gump

Modern Times

Bend It Like Beckham*

French Kiss

Lost in Translation

Groundhog Day

Chariots of Fire

Gorillas in the Mist

Each unit has a particular theme (eg music, sport, travel, work, conservation, clothes, childhood memories, different cultures) as well as a language focus on an area of grammar or vocabulary. A wealth of discussion material is provided to help learners develop their speaking skills and prepare for speaking tests. Inside the book you will find:

• listening practice activities

• discussion tasks

• grammar exercises

• vocabulary activities

• related writing tasks

• comprehensive Teachers’ Notes

• transcripts of all the film extracts

• suggestions for follow-up activities

• film quizzes

• useful film websites

The unit on Bend it like Beckham* is especially suitable for teachers who teach English through sports, as well as for those teachers who use this film as part of a media/film study course.

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ISBN 978-0-9559461-2-7

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