Secondary websites

Here is my list of websites for you to download:

Here are more websites:

Monty Python sketch The Argument Clinic:

With this website you can create your own gap-fill and cloze tests for learners:

Virtual tours of the Houses of Parliament:

Virtual tour and history of 10 Downing Street:

Support from Cambridge exams for teachers:

Educational site with free printable themes, word puzzles, book report forms, maths, ideas, lesson plans: is a secure online learning community that lets your pupils talk to schools all over the world and is free:

Useful introduction to making and using mind maps:

Online lessons:

Interactive website for learning English/Spanish/Italian/French/German, see free preview, then you have to pay:

Website for busy teachers, with lots of printable worksheets and materials to use:

Website with lots of materials you can print:

Website where you can download, for example, presentation slides on areas of grammar:

Website where you can upload and download teaching materials:

5 minute videos on all topics:

Carbon footprint calculator: easy to use example on the World Wildlife Fund website:

This is the Voice of America website for learning to read, listen and learn English using the news:

Website with resources for learning English, with interactive sound production:

Printable English lesson plans:

Website for learning English online for all levels:

Useful on-line quizzes websites on all kinds of topics:

Use this website to create your own educational games, quizzes, puzzles, surveys, etc:

Website from Hungary which has lots of useful English activities:

Website for teachers and learners that helps you to produce concise and dynamic presentations:

Here is a website that will improve your life as a teacher, including songs for grammar:

A community where you can use and share materials for teaching and learning English:

Website for fun English games and quizzes:

English is Fun is on Facebook - have a look at the fun and humorous things here:

This website is good for synonyms, rhyming words and definitions:

Websites with fun games, vocabulary, grammar, lesson plans and ideas, at all levels:

Great website for learners to use:

British Council website for grammar:

Practice for grammar and writing:

Here is a dance and movement sequence you could get your learners to do called "Double dream feet": and here is one called "Double dream hands":

Website with lots of excellent resources:

Website for learning English with super resources:

A website of English teaching resources:

Here are free English video lessons:

Here are some fun English video lessons on idioms, pronunciation, and other things:

Lots of English learning materials:

Here you will find hundreds of free English learning exercises - grammar, songs, videos, everything:

English with Jo offers reseources and lessons:

Agenda webhas useful worksheets and videos for areas of grammar and authentic recordings of people in the street, at home, etc:

Here are lots of free English language teaching resources for you todownload and use:

This is an Online Etymology Dictionary which shows the origins of words and phrases:

Websites for listening

An American website where anyone can record their own experiences and the "story" of their life:

This website has recordings of famous American speeches, movie speeches, famous speeches from history, and others:

This website has good listening practice, plus transcripts, and a variety of types of spoken English:

This ESL listening website created by Randall Davis helps ESL/EFL students improve their listening skills through practice with self-grading tasks from easy to advanced:

Excellent site for listening to songs and conversations and videos illustrating language points at all levels:

Useful istening materials:

Free audio-books: people reading English books that are in the public domain:

This website has films and songs with the transcript and exercises:

This website provides listening practice for advanced level students:

This is a podcast website for people learning English:

English grammar online, vocabulary, literature:

CNN Student News is aimed at learners at middle and higher school levels:

6 minute English by the BBC World Service has interesting items for learners to listen to:

This is a great website resource for teachers and learners. It contains fascinating stories on all topics for learners to explore by listening and reading:

English Central offers over 9,000 short vidoe for learning English:!/index/all/all/trending/0

Learn English by watching TV series, documentaries and films, all with English subtitles:

News in levels: this website provides listening practice at 3 levels for news items:

English Central has 10,000 video clips for learning English. Choose a topic and a level, watch the video with subtitles, learn the key words, watch again and fill in the gaps in the text, speak the lines and get feedback on your pronunciation. It is free to start, then you pay:

Websites for songs

SONG LYRICS: This website provides gap-fill texts of song lyrics at different levels of difficulty. The song continues when learners type in the correct word. Use the search buttons to find the song you want:

Here are the 10 best songs every month with materials for exploiting them, plus an archive of previous songs:

Excellent site for listening to songs and conversations and videos illustrating language points at all levels:

This website has songs and films with the transcript and exercises:

This website is made by teachers and provides worksheets for songs and karaoke:

Rap song for learning some irregular verbs:

Songs about food: and

Websites for reading

Breaking News English provides you with up-to-date news texts for both reading and listening at different levels with ready-made exercises:

Here you can read the local news of what is happening in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway but in ENGLISH so learners can read and discuss local new events in English:

This is a great website resource for teachers and learners. It contains fascinating stories on all topics for learners to explore by listening and reading:

Here are 40 of the best places to find free textbooks, audio books and full-text works of fiction and nonfiction:

ENGLISH-ONLINE has articles on all school subject areas. It is designed for learners of English and the articles have been chosen and rewritten so they can be understood more easily:

This free website adapts to the individual learner to provide perfect reading passages and questions at their level! Watch the introductory video to see how it works and what it enables teachers and learners to do:

This reading website provides free access to thousands of high-qulaity K-12 articles as well as online assessments to improve your learnerer's reading comprehension:

Websites for writing

Titanpad allows people to work simultaneously on one document:

This website allows learners to print in English their own signs, classroom notices, tickets, party invitations, etc:

Here learners can keep a diary and in English to practice their writing skills and access it anywhere and at any time:

Practice for grammar and writing:

Websites for speaking

Go to and find questions for conversations on Topics or using areas of Grammar.

Websites for pronunciation

Adrian Underhill demonstrating how to use the Sound Chart:

21 different accents:

"I would like a hamburger" Steve Martin comedy sketch:

Challenge Charlie - Charlie's humorous demonstration of the difference between English and American accents:

Speech class training in pronunciation from "Singing in the rain":

Ten Germans try to say the word "squirrel":

Rhyming cockney slang:

The largest pronunciation dictionary in the world:

Comedy clip on how to pronounce "OUGH" from I love Lucy:

There are lots of pronunciation videos by Jade on youtube so here are some examples:

Sound lke a native speaker:

The best English pronunciation tip you will ever learn:

Amazing secret of Engish rhythm:

The TH sound in Englih:

One woman, 17 British accents:

How to pronounce British place names:

How English sounds to non-English speakers:

How to say "Would that it were so simple":

Voice recognition elevator in Scotland:

Comedian Michael Mcintyre on British accents:

Comedian Michael Mcintyre on the Yorkish accents:

Making board games

Find out how to make them at:

Use these websites for ideas and resources for making them:

Great website, though you need to pay to join:

This website has ready-made board games:

You can find ready-made board games here:

Great website with ready-made games with instructions:

To make the game "Who wants to be a millionaire", as well as other games, you can download the materials at:

British Life and Culture

Window on Britain: An Introduction to Britain:

Christmas in Britain: and Charles Dickens' "A CHristmas Carol" for learning English:

Quiz on Britain provided by OUP with answers:

95 Free UK Worksheets:

Interesting facts about Britain:

British money worksheets:

Worksheets for British holidays and festivals:

State opening of Parliament 2012:

Funny song with rhymes about the Kings and Queens of England - the words:

Horrible histories song abou tthe kings and queens of England:

How to make small talk in English:

Video of English people saying why they like London and what they think of it, with listening comprehension questions:

Duncan in China talks about learning English and provides some useful phrases, e.g.:

Find out what is great about Great Britain:

Text describing life in a Secondary School in Britain:

What it is like to go to a boarding school (Westminster School):

Typical English sports activities at Westminster School:

Multicultural Britain: video from the British Council for teenagers:

The Official Website of the British Monarchy:

Easter festival:

Easter history and traditions:

Lesson plan and youtube extract about the signs you will see on the London Underground:

Food in Britain:

British Education System:

How to make a full English breakfast:

How to have an English Christmas:

A calendar of British holidays in the UK:

Festivals and special days in Britain:

The difference between Great Britain, The United Kingdom and England:

A brief history of The Royal Family:

There are several excellent videos on lif ein Britain and things British at ANGLOPHENIA:

The greatest words and phrases of 2015:

40 Essential British expressions:

9 British dishes everone should try:

How to have a British Christmas:

Christas dishes from around the world:

How to pronounce British place names:

How to make tea the British way:

One woman, 17 British accents:

10 Things you didn't know about the United Kingdom:

Oldest film footage of London and today:

Here is everything explaining how Parliament works and a useful glossary of terms:

How the UK Government works:


Find out what a webquest is and use one for exploring London, for example: and

This website gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to design a webquest for learners:

The purpose of this website page is to take you through the process of taking advantage of WebQuests that others have already created:

An introduction to webquests:

Information on creating and sharing webquests:

How to create wqebquests:

Visiting London and the UK

Things to see in London:

Oldest film footage of London and today: