My name is Graham Workman and I live and work in England and Switzerland. I run seminars/workshops for Secondary teachers of English in England and throughout the world. If you would like me to run a seminar/workshop in your school/country, or attend my teacher courses in England, visit or email me at

I also write materials for teachers to use with their classes. If you would like information on the books I have published, see the pages on "Concept Questions and Time Lines", "Popular Films for Language Use 1, 2, 3", and "Popular Films for Business English 1, 2". You can order copies at

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Here are some useful downloads:

Here is the PowerPoint for Body Movements from "Total Physical Response":

Here is the PowerPoint from Action Time from "Total Physical Response:

Here is "How to make and use wikis:

Here is "How to use and make podcasts:

The TKT glossary is a glossary of words for teaching methodology.

Oxford University Press Reading Circles free worksheets

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