A useful website with lots of resources, materials, links and training courses:

Mobile learning lesson plans:

A TED talk on Digital Literacies:

A brief history of technology in education:

WOICES provides free location-based audio guides, and learners can create their own using their smartphone:

APPS for your phone

I-NIGMA: QR code reader App for your phone: i-nigma

You can find a QR code writer at:

WIKITUDE: Wikitude is the award winning augmented reality app that allows you to explore what's around you, find out about new and interesting places: wikitude

LAYAR: Augmented reality app which allows you to scan logos, magazines, newspapers, movie posters and more, and give you information about them: layar

WOICES: provides free audio guides of places, and learners can make their own audio commentary for their own places of interest: woices

DRAW A STICK MAN: This App allows young learners to draw stick figures and other objects as part of a story: draw a stick man