Popular Films for Business English 1


This photocopiable resource book for teachers contains 5 units of materials for exploiting short extracts from popular films that learners will enjoy watching. It includes practice materials for listening, giving talks, using business collocations, roleplay and discussion work on a wide range of themes such as advertising, marketing, good boss/bad boss, the fashion industry, starting up a business and money. It is aimed at learners from Intermediate to Advanced level and provides extensive speaking practice in preparation for the Cambridge BEC speaking tests.

The 5 films are:

The Devil Wears Prada

What Women Want

Baby Boom

Other People’s Money

Wall Street

Special features include the following:

· all business vocabulary terms and expressions are defined

· wordspots to help learners remember patterns of vocabulary

· speaking activities that reinforce the vocabulary in each unit

· word stress and sounds activities for business words

· transcripts and timing of all the film extracts

· revision activities with quizzes and board games

· guidance and practice in giving short talks

· BEC-type speaking tasks and activities

· website links for further materials and support

Gem Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9559461-3-4

To order copies, go to http://www.gempublish.com/?page_id=19