Popular Films for Language Use 1 is suitable for classes of Secondary School learners and adults from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level.

The book contains 10 units of classroom materials for exploiting short extracts from the following popular films:

The Majestic

Erin Brockovich

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Rear Window

Dead Poets Society

The Joy Luck Club



A Fish Called Wanda

Each unit has a particular theme (eg job interviews, wedding customs, cultural differences, peaceful protest, parent-child relationships) as well as a language focus on an area of grammar or vocabulary. A wealth of discussion material is provided to help learners develop their speaking skills and prepare for speaking tests. Inside the book you will find:

• listening practice activities

• discussion tasks

• grammar exercises

• vocabulary activities

• related writing tasks

• comprehensive Teachers’ Notes

• transcripts of all the film extracts

• suggestions for follow-up activities

• a glossary of film vocabulary

• film quizzes

• useful film websites

The book also contains a section of materials for practising film vocabulary and writing film reviews.

Gem Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9559461-1-0

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