Popular Films for Language Use 3 is particularly suitable for classes of teenagers at Secondary School studying English from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level, and works equally well with classes of adult learners.

The book contains 6 units of classroom materials for exploiting extracts from the following popular films:

The Living Daylights

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Notting Hill

The Day After Tomorrow

Freedom Writers


Each unit has particular themes such as action films and taking risks, parents and teenagers, celebrities and fame, global warming and the environment, gangs and heroes, genetic engineering and designer babies. The units contain a language focus on related areas of grammar and vocabulary, and provide a wealth of discussion material to help learners develop their speaking skills and prepare for speaking tests. Inside you will find:

listening activities

grammar practice

vocabulary activation tasks

task-based activities

role play scenarios

discussion topics

related writing tasks

comprehensive Teacher Notes

transcripts of all the film extracts

a glossary of all vocabulary items

suggestions for follow-up activities

By using popular English films with your class you will open up for them a whole world of entertainment and culture that is highly motivating and generates positive attitudes towards English language learning.

Gem Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9559461-4-1

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